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Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin Europe designs and produces an extensive range of hi tech air conditioning equipment, including air and water cooled chillers, packaged air conditioners, splits and multi splits, VRV and Sky Air systems for commercial, industrial and residential comfort cooling and process applications.


Air conditioning for residential use

Daikin residential air conditioning is the modern, economic and efficient way to switch on to springtime - in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, night and day, throughout the year.

Daikin air conditioning units are easy to install, easy to use, ultra reliable, quiet running and come in an elegant and up to date range of wall, floor and ceiling mounted indoor models.

Also, the incorporation of inverter control enables Daikin to bring air conditioning technology of the future to the residential market today. Inverter control cuts start up time and energy consumption by almost a third, alters unit output to suit outdoor conditions, improves performance relative to power input, ensures a more even room temperature and eliminates power surges and stop/start cycles.


Air Conditioning for Commercial Use

In offices, hotels, shops, restaurants and many other commercial premises, high levels of personal comfort and satisfaction achieved through the application of Daikin air conditioning, enhance and help set the scene for increased business prosperity - economically efficiently and discreetly.

User friendly, quiet running, ultra reliable and easy to control, Daikin air conditioning adds that cool, fresh, relaxing “extra something” to the indoor climate, providing the perfect platform for commercial success.

Available in a wide range of modern, stylish wall, floor and ceiling mounted models, Daikin air conditioning is designed to harmonise with any interior decor and fits rooms of any shape or size.


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